toxic men and the women who love them

For both men and women, a significant lack of self-examination costs them their loved ones, their peace, and their prosperity. In his book, TOXIC MEN AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM, Pastor Jones aims to discuss this void.


Franchott Jones

Pastor Franchott Jones is a native of Philadelphia Pa. and Father of five girls and a son. He is married to the love of his life, Lana Jones.

Pastor Jones began teaching the word of God in 1989 after attending The Bible Institute of Tennessee while serving in US Army. Pastor Jones pursued his calling to teach God’s word and became a Sunday school teacher for Youth and Adults**.** Later,

Pastor Jones went back to school in 1997 for health care. Pastor Jones moved to Texas in 2001 and later became an associate minister at Aletheia Temple Church in Fort Worth, TX. Pastor Jones would go on to Pastor Beautiful Gate Fellowship Church in Desoto TX and served as facilitators for the Grow Group ministry at Concord Church.


Toxic Men And The Women

This book takes readers on a journey of reflection, to break the chains of this world and experience God’s grace and mercy. The author narrates a compelling tale following four males who are learning how to be men:

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